About Us

Our Mission:
“MasterCoaches instructs coaches in the technical aspects of the game, develops the best methodology of instruction for individual skills, how to correct and implement these skills in practice and competitions”

Our Story:

Historically, volleyball was the most technical team sport. Recently, the trend is to develop tactical strategy and game play neglecting individual skill and technical development. Other sports from around the world have become increasingly technical in individual skill development. For example, in American football, every position on the team is being taught advanced technical skills to successfully perform their part of the team strategy. This is also true of baseball and basketball, and individual sports like golf and tennis. At one time, innate ability was the cornerstone for success. Now, players in these sports perform repeated technical tasks at the direction of specifically trained coaches. Hitting instructors, pitching coaches, line coaches, and quarterback coaches, all have had an increasingly important role. The best players in these sports talk about shoulder and hip position at the point of releasing a ball, arm angles, torc, follow-through, etc. They do these tasks, however minute, for thousands of repetitions. 

It seems to us that our sport of volleyball lends itself even more technical skill development. The uniqueness of not being able to catch a ball during a play, your performance being dependent on the contact of the ball from another player, everyone must rotate positions and we have more people per square meter than any other sport makes individual skill imperative. 

Therefore, we are developing a program to share with all coaches about the technical aspects of the game of volleyball. These skills will be presented in clinic form at various locations around the country. 

Our goal is to teach coaches the 6 individual skills involved in our sport. We will also teach all coaches how to correct and implement these skills with players. The final ingredient to this program will be an understanding of how to apply these skills in practice and in competition.